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    Certified Pre-Owned BMWs for Sale

    What makes a pre-owned BMW a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?
    Rigorous guidelines to start.

    For a pre-owned BMW to become certified, it has to go through a comprehensive certification process. Only late-model BMW's with less than 60,000 miles are eligible to be certified. Qualifying vehicles then undergo a thorough inspection by a BMW-trained technician. Systems and components, everything from engine performance to the operation of the glove box, are meticulously checked. And of course, particular attention is paid to all the safety functions.

    Every vehicle is checked and tested according to our comprehensive Certified Pre-Owned vehicle inspection checklist. While other luxury automakers boast about how many points their checklists may have, we're more concerned with the quality of our checks and tests.

    Take a look at what we have currently on our lot. You can use one of our smartbrowser tools below to help make your decision easier. If you have any trouble finding the vehicle you are looking for, please try our CarFinder service and we'll find it for you!

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    At Fields BMW Lakeland, we are proud to supply the Lakeland community with a wide array of pre-owned BMW cars that have earned the title of being "Certified Pre-Owned". These models are the perfect median if you are having trouble deciding between a used BMW and a brand new BMW vehicle. The certified pre-owned BMW models that we have on our lot have all successfully gone through many certification tests and inspections. Everything from engine condition, safety features to even basic accessories in the cabin of the car are checked to make sure everything is in the best possible condition. Come by our Florida BMW dealershiptoday at 4285 Lakeland Park Drive I-4 @ Exit 33 Lakeland, FL to check out the Certified Pre-Owned models we have on our lot!