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Find out how much a car is worth

Are you thinking of trading in for a new BMW and wondering how much your car is worth? At Fields BMW Lakeland, we love to help our customers upgrade their existing vehicles, and trading in your used car is an easy, convenient way to put that value directly towards your new purchase.


We make it easy to find the KBB value for a used car right on our website, which is especially useful during public health concerns. Today, we'll give you a quick overview of how to trade in your car using Kelley Blue Book.

What is a KBB value for used cars?

Kelley Blue Book, or KBB, is an industry-leading valuation system for pre-owned vehicles. The so-called Blue Book value of a car is a respected starting point for sales and negotiations between both private buyers and sellers and dealerships alike. It gives you a good idea of the true value of your vehicle.


To learn the KBB value of your car, simply click on the Pre-Owned tab of the Fields BMW Lakeland website, select Value Your Trade, and follow the steps to evaluate your vehicle. You'll input information like year, make, model, trim level, features, and options, as well as mileage and general condition. 

How to use a KBB value to trade-in at Fields Lakeland BMW

Once you have your estimated vehicle value, bring in the printout and come see us right here in Lakeland. One of our experts will compare your vehicle against the KBB valuation through a visual inspection and a brief test drive. Then we'll make you an offer. 

Trading in is much quicker than selling privately, and you won't have to worry about meeting up with strangers or haggling over price. Contact Fields BMW Lakeland to learn more about trading in with Kelley Blue Book today!
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