Tire Options

  • All-Season: Delivers comfort, handling, and traction
  • Summer: Designed for performance in wet and dry conditions
  • All-Terrain: Features a more aggressive tread pattern, improving traction

When to Change Your Tires:

  • Loss of traction
  • Poor efficiency
  • Sluggish performance
  • Tires older than six years old

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At Fields BMW Lakeland, we are dedicated to providing our drivers with the service and care needed associated with owning a BMW car or SUV. Giving people the pleasure of getting behind the wheel of a performance driving machine like a BMW X5 doesn't mean much if we're not supporting them in the long term. No BMW service center would be complete without a top-of-the-line tire center to make sure your BMW vehicle can handle the seasons in style.

Which Tires to Choose

There are several different types of tires for sale here at our BMW dealership, just like there are a variety of BMW vehicles. Getting the best-suited tire set for your specific model and driving habits is imperative, as it ensures a safe and efficient driving experience.

At our Lakeland car dealership, we carry all kinds of tires for your BMW X5 or BMW 3 Series. We have types that are designed to optimize handling, traction, stability, and rolling resistance. It's also important to consider speed ratings and load capacities. From Bridgestone and Michelin to Pirelli and Goodyear, our selection is vast.

Getting New Tires

Although it sometimes may be clear to see when you need new tires, such as if you get a flat, there are a few indicators to keep an eye out for. Under- and over-inflation can affect tread wear, as can unbalanced wheels and suspension.

Routinely checking your tires' pressure levels is a good habit to start, along with visual inspections for uneven wear. Here in our BMW service center, we employ factory-trained technicians who know BMW models inside and out. We also only use BMW approved tires, ensuring your vehicle is delivering the best possible performance.

The best way to keep your tires in peak condition is to bring your car in regularly for scheduled maintenance. Fields BMW Lakeland hosts an expert service team ready to assist! We look forward to working with you soon here at our BMW dealership near Winter Haven, FL.